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It is very important as a student to know all sources that are used to advertise BURSARIES, LEARNERSHIPS, APPRENTICESHIPS, INTERNSHIPS AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING. By knowing those sources it would be easy for you to find one if you are looking for one. Below are some of the common sources are used to advertise BURSARIES, LEARNERSHIPS, APPRENTICESHIPS, INTERNSHIPS AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING.


Websites are one of the fast and common methods to advertise for vacancies. Most of vacancies are advertised online and most the application are done online. It is important for students to have access to internet because they are lot opportunities posted online everyday. As a student knows this entire websites, the best way is to go straight to company's website regularly to check availability of a post. Some websites you have access to upload your CV, but percentage of being successful are very less. Remember the more the applications you make the more successful you be.

2. Newspaper

In the newspapers you will finds hundreds of vacancies on a daily basis, so it will be fruitful to always check in the newspapers, including all different types of newspaper daily, weekly, regional, and country newspapers. However, remember not all companies are newspapers for advertising their vacancies, so it is very important to know sources of each of every company you are interested. Most of the newspaper vacancies are not spams, reason is that to advertise in newspaper is not for free, and details of advertiser are taken so if advert is reported for being spam is easy to trace the suspect.

3. Telephone

One of the best ways to find vacancies of BURSARIES, LEARNERSHIPS, APPRENTICESHIPS, INTERNSHIPS AND EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING is to phone the company directly. Some of the company the keep their advert as internal post they put their ad inside the company premises, so the way to reach those posts in to phone the company or to go directly to company. This is used by most of the companies that they only wants people who are within a certain region. By doing this, you must be polite because this will involves direct conversation

4. Social Network

Social networks are playing a major roles in lives of today, More youth are using it to socialize everyday but this reason since many companies are targeting youth for employment, they are using social medias to advertise the vacancies posts. More than 200 vacancies are advertised on social networks everyday. it is important as student to at-least twice a day visit some of the social media to check for any open vacancies. One of the leading social medias in South Africa is Facebook, so it is important as a student to start practicing it, but be careful not all post are real some are scams, to learn more about scams visit scams

5. Site Visit

Networking is more useful way of being successful when you are looking for job, lot of people are successful because of it. You can find more opportunities by visit people for details, guidance, and advises. What is important is that during the visit to someone, you will be free to ask anything and the person will be honest because this will be face to face talk, even if you don't succeed by you will come back with something that will help you to find what you are looking for.

6. Employment Agencies

the are many employment agencies that is helping people in different categories, including Engineering, Management, Health, Media and other many more. They are divided some specialize with Bursaries, learnerships, Apprenticeship and Internships. Those agencies will keep your information in their database and if there is any vacancy that is matching you, they send your details on your behalf. They will forward your information to the employer, but the employer is the one to decide if either you are employed or not.

7. Career development at College/University

Most the institution have student careers development center, This is a center that is responsible for guiding students regarding vacancies such as BURSARIES, LEARNERSHIPS, APPRENTICESHIP, INTERNSHIPS AND JOBS. Most of companies have partnership with those centers. As a student, it is good to know all the offices of these centers in your campus, and have a regular visit every week to check if there is no vacancy available

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