In a work place there different levels of work, some requires hard-working but does not pay that much, and the other don't requires hard-working but they are paying too much. It is every worker's interest to be in the position that requires less work but pay s a lot of money. As a worker it is your duty to make sure that you get to that position by applying the following tips.

1. Finish your daily tasks

Every worker is expected to finish a certain task everyday at the work place. The employers are not pleased by the workers who doesn't finish their daily jobs, because this is costing the company companies lot time and money, workers could put their works in dangers and they can be fired for that, So make sure that you work to finish all your daily tasks by doing you can be promoted.

2. Do extra job

Always be creative at the workplace, if you see that you have completed all you daily tasks you are required to do, you can volunteer yourself by doing extra job, this is like selling yourself to the employer. You will be known in the positive way in your workplace. Because you do work that you are not employed to do, the employer or manager can promote you to the other good job that requires multi-skilled person.

3. Be Punctual

Time is very important in the workplace, wasting it can costs a company billions of dollars. Coming late to work can put your work in danger; you can even loose your job, so make sure that you always on time. It is good to be 1 hour early before starting time than being late. Always try to work overtimes by doing so you will add points to yourself, chances of getting promoting could be high.

4. Focus

Some workers pays no attention in their works, they do work if someone is forcing them to do it. This is dangerous in keeping your job, because employer wants someone who is energetic, Focus, and more active. If you are asked to do a certain job, even if you don't like it but do it with joy show some interest. This can make you differ from the other workers and other extra jobs could be given to you.

5. Be Friendly

Being friendly does not mean you should allow yourself to be abused physically and emotionally, but it means be open for discussion and show love and some respects to the other co-workers and employers. Don't always show your sad face at the workplace, show that smile even if you are not happy but just smile, by doing this you will make yourself to be loved and favored and employer can easily promote you to another level because of you friendliness and love.

Most of the young people in South Africa they fail to secure job because they lack information. If you have not started applying these tips, start right you will see the results. Threat and respect every opportunity you have in life, the same opportunity you have someone is struggling for years just looking for the same opportunity you have. In the work place, do for the best not for completion.

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