Fake vacancies that lead to Human Trafficking

We warn you because we love you and we care about you. Crime have spread and gone wide, people are using different methods to commit crimes, and Human Trafficking is one of those crimes. The victims of human trafficking are mostly women and Children. Since in South Africa there is lack of jobs and Vacancies such as Bursaries, Learnerships, Apprenticeships, Internships, and Experiential Training, one available vacancy it receives more 100 applications. So those people took advantage of that, they are using that to do human trafficking.

They are putting and posting fake posts in the Internet, after people have applied, they will those that they are targeting, and then they invite them for interview. In cases, they hire for the interview. After the applicant attended the interview, kidnapping will take place. After they have kidnapped him/her, they will use them as they wish. Mostly they transfer them to the other country and use them to transport drugs, or they can use them as some prostitute, so you have to be careful when you are applying for vacancies.

How to identify fake posts

1. No name of the company

Most of the time their post has no name for the company or sometimes they use the name that do not exist. Is is not possible for company to post an advert without mentioning its name. Every-time you see a post without a company name consider that as a scam and do not respond to such posts, failing to do so you could put your life in danger. They are many website that cannot be trusted these days. If you see, such posts report them or make the other people aware of them.

2. Free Email-hoster

In their email there is no name of the company, most of their emails provided and hosted free. Common site that host their emails are Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and other hoster. They are using free email hosters because if they are using those emails it will be difficult to trace them. Another thing is that they can have many emails and use them in different posts. Every company use this email format Name@company.co.za.

3. Many applicants needed

Since they wants more people to apply for the position so that they can easily choose who they wants, in their posts they will be like 'we are looking for 100 people to join our company'. They are trying to attract more people. It is not easy for company to look for many workers for vacancy such as Bursaries, Internships, In-service training, Learnerships, and apprenticeship. Usually they do not hire more than ten people with no experience.

4. Other things

No experience needed, have atleast grade 9 and they promise high salary.

Do not be desperate when you need a JOB, BURSARY, LEARNERSHIP, APPRENTICESHIP, and INTERNSHIP. Follow all the steps before applying, the best way is to do some research before applying to make sure that the posts is real not to become victim of HUMAN TRAFFICKING. Do the right procedure when you are applying for a vacancy

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