It is easy to own email unlike those old days were it was difficult to own. Email is one of the cheapest and first communication medium; you can receive and send 10 emails with less than 100 cents. As a student, you need to have emails so that it can be easy to manage your applications. You can own email free They are many email providers that you can sign and receive your email for free.Why email; Email is very fast and cheap compared to the other sources such as POST, and Hand-deliver. Many companies are using emails for application in their vacancies, if you don't have email you would loose such opportunities.

Top Best and Free Email hoster

  • Vodamail
  • Hotmail
  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Webmail

  • Those are free email hoster, if you do not own any email you can signup with them free and enjoy sending and receiving emails. To signup for email, account is very fast, you can signup within 20 minutes. If you want professional email account for personal use or for your company you can have one, you can purchase it.

    Choose Best Email Address

    You have to be careful when you are choosing email address choose something that have meaning, You are going to use that email address to send messages to different people, so choose address name that will make receiver to take your message so serious. Avoid choosing email like, the best way is to use your name and your surname, your email must be in this format, such email address will be taken seriously.

    Important Terms in Email

  • TO
  • This is where you should write email address of the person you are sending email to.

  • You must write summary of your email or reference number is available

  • If you have any documents that you want to sent, you attach them here, documents like pictures, PDF, docs, zip, and different files. But be careful do not attach document that has large file size, because your email fail to be delivered.

  • This is where you must write your full message that you wants to sent.

  • CC
  • Stands for Carbon Copy- you use this if you wants to send you email two recipient, You write the email address of the main recipient in TO and write email of the second recipient in CC

  • BCC
  • Stands for BLIND CARBON COPY

    Tips and Guide

  • Emails
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  • Scam
  • Human Trafficking
  • Choose Course
  • Complete YOUR CAREER
  • Why student become dropout in the Universities and Colleges?
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  • How to pass your dream career?
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