Why student become dropout

As a student, there is a time where you will feel like you can't take it anymore. You would feel like you don't have energy to pursue your studies. You would feel under pressure, and think that giving up and dropping out is the only answer. My word is very straight don't give up, fight for your dream. Do you know why it is not good for changing courses? You are wasting your money, energy, and time, so make the right choice from the beginning. Don't learn from your mistakes, let from someone's mistakes.

1. Pressure from friends.

In a short-term, I can say peer-pressure. Pressure from friends is very dangerous. Avoid having friends who are not of your level and standard, if you know you are from poor family, don't try to bond with friends that are from rich family, they get what they want at anytime they don't have to work hard, but you know yourself that to get something you need to work very hard. It is obvious they will put pressure on you in everything clothing, jewellery, appliance, and other things, and if you are not motivated, enough you will end up dropping out.

2. Study Pressure

Tertiary is not like secondary school, in high school they teach but in tertiary they lecture. Most of the work in tertiary is self-study; there is no one who goes after you to check if you are doing your school works. Most of the student they don't survive this kind of pressure, even if you are not kind of student who cross night but there you are forced to. Most of the student they give up and dropout because of the academic pressure.

3. Lack of money

These days everything is money even at the tertiary you need money to pay for your fees, books, transport, and accommodation. Tertiary fees are very expensive if you don't have any one sponsoring you, you will struggle a lot. Most of the students are dropping out because of lack of money; they fail to pay for their school fees, accommodation ans transport.

4. Wrong Course

Most of the students are studying courses that they were not intended to study. Follow your dream not the opportunity. Apply for your dream course as soon as you are in grade 11 or 12, so that you can secure your space. It is very important to make some research about the course you want to study at the University, they best way is to at-least have three choices that are related. The best grade to make career choice is in grade 10 and 11. Relate your daily life with the course that you want to study. Many courses sound nice, don't be charmed by the name.

Make the right decision from the beginning, if you are a student be careful of all the factors and tips mention above. Write them in your diary or book, check them often, they will help to achieve your dream career. If you have not started to choose career you get tips here about how to choose a course. Go through them carefully you will never go wrong. Good luck with your life stays safe.

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