How to complete Career without failing.

1. Abstain

Its sound very stupid by it is a very very important thing to consider for managing your career. Most of the young people they are not succeeding because, they have taken relationships as their first priority. In relationships they are many problems, which can cause you, stress, then you cannot manage your studies. So it is important to Abstain form relationships, the right time will come focus on your studies.

2. Avoid peer pressure

To have friends is very important but it is also important to have good friends. Avoid friends who have bad behavior the party animals, the smokers, drunkards, and drug addicts. Because friends with all this kind of behavior they can destroy, you career. So have a good company do not just do whatever they do, always have your own time to think about you future, about want you wants to achieve.

3. Manage your time

Time is one the very important factors to consider in everything you do. Remember time wasted will never be regained so be wise make sure you do not waste. How to manage your time time? Have a timetable for each of your day, plan your day do not just take everyday without planning. Avoid spending your time on TV, computer, phone and on social network. Don't just participate in every sport, know your sport because sport is one of the time waster.

4. Invest more time in your books

Studying is one the difficult part, in career. Trust me hardworking pays, most of the student they do not make it because they are lazy to open their books. It very important to spend too much time on your books, do not just say you spend time only, but also make sure that you focus and pay too much attention in what you are reading. Trust by doing so even your results will be very good.

5. Prioritize

What is to prioritize? Is to distinguish between what is important and what is not important. Many young people they forget their goals, the have big visions and missions but because they cannot prioritize the confuse things. Have a diary or book that you write down things that you want to achieve, this will always be your reminder, do not forget to write date or duration that you want to achieve that. Have time to think deep about you, and where you are going. This will have you to stay focus in your career.

6. Have some respects

To show good manners to people

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