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Choosing a career path is not as easy as eating a cake. They are few factors that have to take into consideration. It is the waste of time, energy, and money for choosing a course that you don't feel comfortable in it. Young people spent most of their time in schools learning. Adults spent their time at work, so imagine always waking up early in the morning going to work for a job that you don't enjoy and feel comfortable at all. You would feel like you are working an extra hours even though they are normal hours, a good job is the one that you can work extra hours without noticing that your are working extra hours.

First thing to consider before choosing a course is to know your self, ask yourself this questions What do you wants in life? In addition, what you don't want? Analyse yourself using a planning tool called SWOT ANALYSIS?

1. Know your strength

Ask yourself the following questions would help you to know you strength, what is my personal strength? Evaluate yourself and know what is that you are doing very well. How do you spent most of your time? For example you spent most of your time in the kitchen, you can use that opportunity and make a career choice out of it, you can choose involves food preparing like becoming a chef. You will never regret because you chose something that you have passion in it.

2. Know your weaknesses

Ask your self this question, what are my weaknesses? What is it that you are not good at doing it? Check all this sites Socially, Academically and emotionally, all of this will play a big role in your work, by making a bad career choice without considering this factors you will regrets the rest of you life. Examples of weaknesses are I am not patient, I can't always finish my job, Cooking is boring to me. If you know that you can't keep or allow your hands to be dirty, then you could know that you can consider yourself studying Engineering, can focus on careers like management, media studies and the others.

3. Know opportunities surrounding you

Ask yourself this questions, if you choose this career will it be easy to study it? How many universities are offering it? Will I manage to pay for course? Since all cares differs in fees, some are very expensive. Check if they are companies that are offering bursaries surrounding you so that they can help you to pay for fees. After you have answers for those questions then you can continue making decision about you career path, and always remember bad choice will affect your future.

4. Know your threats

What is it that can stop you not proceeding with you career? Will I get employed after I have completed this career? It is more painful for spending 4 years studying your degree at the University after graduation you stay home get no job. This would be waste of time, money, and energy. So it is always important know where will you work after completed this course.

If you can take all the factors mentioned above seriously and Use them when you are choosing a career, there is no way that you can struggle in your future job. Many people fail because they want to but because they lack information. It is always important to do some research before choosing careers, Good luck with your life.

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